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Focus on Fencing


The decision to install a fence to surround or accent your home, property, or business can be a significant investment. It’s important that you carefully consider your options and speak with our professionals prior to making your decision. css GOODE FENCE Company wants you to be pleased with your fence for many years to come!


What’s it made of?


Choosing the right material for your fence is key, careful planning ensures the best selection is made for your fencing needs.

Vinyl Fences  

Vinyl Fences are attractive and virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl is available in several different styles, heights, and shapes. Vinyl fences can be made to look sleek and modern, or they can be made to resemble traditional wood panel or picket fencing. Vinyl fences will never rust or rot, and they are readily accepted by homeowners and property management associations. Though vinyl fences are slightly more expensive than other alternatives, the long-term benefits of owning a “no-maintenance” fence are well worth the investment!



Wood Fences               

Wood fences are one of the most economical options when considering fence installation. Wood fences are extremely durable if well maintained. Wood fences are available in a wide variety of shapes, heights, styles, and colors designed to compliment your property and/or surroundings.

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences are available in several heights. Entire chain link fences, including pre-fabricated gates, can be delivered almost immediately. This often makes chain link fencing one of the most efficient, affordable solutions for enclosing a perimeter. The stark industrial look of chain link fencing may seem unsightly to some, but with the development of weather resistant green and brown coating, this look has become more readily accepted. Chosen for its strength, durability, and ease of installation, chain link fences have become a viable alternative for the budget conscious.

Ornamental Aluminum

Ornamental aluminum fencing is primarily chosen for durability, security, and aesthetics. Ornamental fences are available in a black or white enameled finishes. If well cared for, ornamental fencing will last for many generations. Ornamental aluminum fences are prized for inspiring a feeling of elegance, and grandeur. With little maintenance required, ornamental aluminum fences provide a unique “finishing touch” to your home or office.

Temporary Fencing

Temporary fence systems are the perfect solution for virtually any application. The unique design of a temporary fence enables quick installation with a professional appearance. Temporary fence panels provide unmatched strength and durability when you need a fence solution in a hurry!


css GOODE FENCE Company guarantees with careful planning and guidance, your fence will provide years of service!

Budgeting within your boundaries

With an overwhelming variety of styles, heights, types, and materials, you’ll find that prices differ depending on the fence you select. If you’re on a budget, our professionals will help you select the maximum amount of perimeter coverage, while working within your fence budget to meet your needs. In most cases, it pays to remember that a durable, well cared for fence can show a maximum return on your investment should you ever choose to resell your property.


Style & Ownership

It’s important to decide on a style that will best compliment your property. Your fence should aesthetically flow with the environment and have the appearance of being designed with your property in mind. *Tip: To avoid disputes with homeowners associations or onsite property management officials, be sure to carefully review your homeowner’s policy, lease, or land ownership guidelines to see if fence regulations exist prior to requesting fence installation.


Let’s Get to Fencing!


With careful planning and consideration of purpose, function, material(s), and determining the fence solution that best suits your budget, css GOODE FENCE Company is here to help you make proper decisions for your fencing needs. css GOODE FENCE Company is certain you’ll enjoy your fence and the benefits of owning one, for years to come.


To get started on your project, Contact Us today! 


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